Greenstone Digital Libraries

I created two Greenstone Digital Libraries for the MLIS Digital Libraries course. Sandy’s eBook Shelf is a small collection of eBooks and Sandy’s Greenstone Wellington County Pioneers is a database that houses content on early settlers to Wellington County.

About Greenstone

Greenstone is open-source software that allows you to build and distribute a digital library collection. You can publish it on the Internet or on a CD. Additional information about Greenstone software can be found at .

 Launching My Greenstone Digital Libraries

  1. My digital libraries can be found at
  2. To view these collections, copy the contents of this folder to a DVD
  3. On the DVD, click on server.exe (Note: No files will be installed on your computer however; the file llssite.cfg will be created on the DVD. This file contains your site information and must be removed before using this DVD on another computer.)
  4. Click on the Enter Library button to start a browser
  5. Select the banner image for the collection you wish to access
  6. To switch between digital libraries, click on the Greenstone Home button and select the banner image for the other collection

Note: Each time you launch Sandy’s Greenstone eBook digital library, you will need to set a preference to allow the eBooks be properly displayed. To set this preference, complete the following steps:

  1. After the collection is launched in the browser, click on the Options button
  2. Under the Presentation preferences, select on from the drop-down list beside ‘Book viewer mode’
  3. Click on the Titles or Search button to view the list of eBook.
  4. From the list of ebooks, click on one of the eBook image or the ‘Read the Book’ link. The ebook will now be displayed. A known error message, ‘Error loading file’, is generated for the front cover of the selected ebook. However, all subsequent pages are displayed correctly.

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