LibraryThing Early Reviewers Books

I have selected to receive an Early Reviewers copy of several books this month so I have lots of reading to keep me busy in June. All the books are ebooks which I will be reading on my Black Berry Playbook either as pdf’s or via an app depending on the formats available. As I making my way through the books, I will post reviews on LibraryThing and submit here as well . The books I received are as follows:

  • Hard Winter: The Novel by Neil Davies
  • Buddha Beach: Sedona, Arizona (The Southwest Gallery Series) by Deborah Carney
  • Weirder Than Marshmallows Book of Essays by Dan Carney, Deborah Fogg
  • It Rhymes with Bart by Tom Skinner
  • Special Dead by Patrick Freivald
  • A Cat’s Legacy: Dulcy’s Story by Dee Ready
  • 2000 Deciduous Trees: Memories of a Zine by Nath Jones
  • Pendant: The Undead Hunters (Book One) by Stephen C. Ormsby